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Ozark Coin Company is a coin collector's paradise. You can get a wide range of numismatic coins that will add great value to your existing collection. Call our Springfield, MO office today and ask our professionals about it. We will introduce you to a variety of coins that you've probably never even heard of!

You can get great deals on rare Saint Gaudens coins. Call us now or feel free to drop into our store today and add rare pre-1933 gold to your collection. We even buy and sell $20 Liberties!

 • $5 and $10 Liberties

 • $5 and $10 Indians

 • $2 1/2 Liberties and $2 1/2 Indians

 • $20 saints

Get all your gold and silver bullion under one roof. Whether you're a trader, investor, or a collector, Ozark Coin Company has a wide variety of gold and silver bullion for multiple purposes. Call us now and let our 33 years of experience speak for itself.

Authentic numismatic gold

Great deals on gold coins

High-value classic gold coins

Comprehensive gold and silver bullion supplier

Numismatic gold coins at its finest

We constantly meet people from different walks of life, and our staff has a way of fitting in to make them feel comfortable.

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